5 (Last Minute) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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If it’s not Christmas, it’s someone’s birthday, if it’s not someone’s birthday it’s freaking Mother’s Day! We are inching our way to the one and only day you’re supposed to show your momma how much you love her and how much you appreciate her putting up with you for so long. Last minute like me and your brain is too bombarded with BUSY to put that extra though into her gift? Let me help you out a little!

Today I’ll be talking about some quick pick-ups for mom. Only 5 here, but they pack a pretty good punch. Even just one of these five would be substancially appreciated and loved. Just depends on your mom and what she might be into! Some are local to my hometown in Indy, and others anyone can grab. Hope all of you momma’s have THEE. BEST. DAY. and Happy Mother’s Day to us and our mommies. ✊🏼

P.s. Do you still call your mom; Mommy? Momma? Mom? I call mine Momz. 🤪

1. Massage From Massage Heights!

A special note from Massage Heights:

Whether you’re buying for a working mother or a stay-at-home-mom, the gift of relaxation will always be received with open arms. Massage Heights Indianapolis — which operates two locations, one at Ironworks Hotel Indy and another in Carmel at Meridian & Main — offers professional, affordable and convenient therapeutic massage and skin care services in an upscale Retreat environment. Experience how a custom treatment at Massage Heights Ironworks can build an overall feeling of well-being that gets even better each time you visit! 

A quick and easy way to please mom without having to do much of the work. (Some of us are lazy, and that’s ok!) Get Mom a gift card from Massage Heights! Right now you can get a $125 gift card for only $100! Plus, guests can add cupping to their appointment this month for only $25! A gift of wellness is always good idea. Find your nearest location here. I’ve personally visited Massage Heights and have nothing but great things to say about their cleanliness, professionalism and high focus to target areas and the best products to suit your needs.

2. Skincare

The older you get, the more skincare is more important to you. Something my mom always preached growing up was “take care of your skin” and that’s what I’ve tried sticking to! Skincare L de L Cosmetics® is an original RETINOL based anti-aging skincare line, established in 1987. Their entire range is formulated with Retinol, Vitamin A, enriched with Vitamins C and E and botanical extracts. All the goods for a young looking Mommy! 🙌🏼 They’ve put together a fully packed Mother’s Day Gift box that is 50% off right now that lasts for one month with the code: LOVEBOX. She gets ​full-size Day Cream SPF 20, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Gold Peel-Off Mask, Anti-Aging Facial Oil & Hand Cream!! She’ll be SET in the skincare department for quite awhile!

3. Local Indy Boutiques

I don’t know if y’all have noticed but there are some really great boutiques opening up left and right in Indy and it’s hard to not love them all! SO many cute styles and deals, deals, DEALS! The sales are always going and that’s the best part. I do have codes you can use while you shop for some, but others I’ve just loved for a long time! Stop in and put that little extra thought into her gift and pick out something nice. Not your thing? Gift cards are available too!

Codes are in bold if I have them for that store. The codes are only providing you with a discount when you shop, I am not making money from any purchases made with that code. (Just fyi)

Shop Gina CelesteSPLITWHIT10

Backwoods Boutique – SPLITWHIT

Backwoods Boutique also sells jewelry, gift cards, purses, luxury bath lotions, candles, and body wash infused buffers that would make some awesome gift ideas! 

Ella Mae’s Boutique – SPLITWHIT10

Tiffany’s Boutique

4. Unplug Soy Candles


Not just any candles, but a darling and decorated soy candle from Unplug Soy Candles! They are based in Fortville, Indiana and all of their candles are handcrafted, poured and packaged in their studio. If you didn’t know, (because I didn’t) soy candles actually burn 60% longer than traditional paraffin candles! WHAAAAT?! NEED. They smell amazing and are good for our environment too!

5. Nails by Jena

GET YO NAILS DID guh! 🤪 It’s fun to grab mom for a nice afternoon of shopping, lunch and and mani pedis! I’ve got to give credit where it’s due, and where not enough have recognized all of this talent! I found this gem on Instagram and have admired her work online ever since. Jena is located on the West side of Indianapolis at a salon where she does the most fascinating pieces of artwork on nails! Check her out on Instagram! My appointment with her is tomorrow morning and I’m so excited! (I never get my nails done, only for special occasions.) I’ll check back with photos. Stay tuned. Contact Jena via Instagram or phone: 317-656-0087.

My nails! 👇🏼

6. Fallon’s Little Studio

Self care is like, a big deal right now. I’m feeling those vibes! Plus I planned this out to be 5 things but really there’s like 10 so, you’re welcome. If mom isn’t into nails or shopping that day what about going to get facials by the best in Indy? I’ve personally been to Fallon many times and can tell she really, really knows her skin and will help you learn to understand the best ways to keep your skin feeling and looking good! She doesn’t just do facials so be sure to check out all of your options. Right now she’s offering $10 off when you spend $50 or more!

I need to go see all of these peeps really soon because Momma could use like…all of the above. Secretly hoping Dustin reads this blog and gets the hint…😏

I hope you all have an awesome Mother’s Day! Be sure to comment down below if you’ll be checking out some of these options for Mom!

Thanks for giving me 20 minutes of your day ✌🏻


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