How To Fix Damaged Curly Hair

None of what I’m writing today is sponsored nor did any of the companies that sent some of the products that I’ve been using ask me to write this blog post. Just wanted to everything I’ve been doing to this hair of mine for the past 5 months to help get my curls back!

A Little Background

Just to make a long story short, I’ve never been a huge fan of my curls. It’s taken my until about just a couple years ago to really feel comfortable wearing my hair in it’s natural state. I would consistently straighten, color, curl (with heat) etc to my hair to change what it was supposed to be naturally — curly! 2019 came around and I decided to try something new, I wanted to be proud of how my hair really looked without any heat added. I wanted to have confidence in wearing my hair out and help it get back to normal again. Since January, it’s been tough, VERY tough, but today I’m here to tell you everything I’ve been doing to get my hair to bounce back FAST!

Steps to Get Your Curls Back:

  1. No heat – NONE. You will hate it. You’ll want to give up. Don’t do it. I promise you it will pay off in the long run. Hide all the heat tools!
  2. Trim/cut – This one I kept putting off. I didn’t want to take everyone’s advice, even from people who have hair just like mine. But listen to me (and them) when we say to chop that dead hair! It truly is weighing your curls down and isn’t doing you any good except giving you “length” Trust me, I know that’s why you’re holding on to it. I was being cheap and decided to follow a youtube tutorial and cut my own hair, but be careful with this! Watch the tutorial I followed right at the end of these steps.
  3. OLAPLEX! – This stuff really does work. I saw instant results with just my first use. You’re going to be put off by the size of the bottle (and probably price for the size of the bottle) but I’ve been advised by the hair Gods that it’s concentrated so a little goes a long way. I’ve already gotten 2 uses out of this bottle and could probably get one more treatment out of it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
  4. Vitamins – I really really think that this has helped with the way my hair feels and looks. If you want healthy hair, YOU have to be healthy too! It grows out of your head girl! 💁🏽 I started back taking my Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and when I ran out of those, just took a daily women’s vitamin. You can get those pretty much anywhere! (Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General)
  5. The RIGHT Products – Without going to in depth, make sure you’re really paying attention to ingredients of what you’re putting into your hair. I’m still wrapping my head around all of this myself, but for the most part, look for things without: Sulfates, Silicones, Drying Alcohols, Proteins, Parabens, Waxes, Mineral Oils, and Petrolatum. (Just to name a few) Eventually it will become second nature to look for these things, me on the other hand…getting there. 😩
  6. Stop Washing Your Hair So Much! –You’re just drying it out! The natural oils in your hair are good for it. I usually wash my hair once every 1-1 1/2 weeks. Might sound gross, but if your hair is anything like mine, trust me that’s all you need. Get you a co-wash! (Cleansing conditioner)
This is the tutorial I followed to cut my own hair!

Everything I’ve Been Using to Get My Hair Back:

A lot of you guys on Instagram have been asking me for a list of products that I use in my hair on the daily/after wash day. I’ve listed everything I’ve been using to leave in conditioners, hair masks, my satin cap for nighttime, etc all right here! None of the links are affiliate links, just takes you right where you can purchase if interested.

I do have a discount code for this brand: Use SPLITWHIT25 at checkout to save some 💵 Click here to shop:

This product is great for helping those stubborn pieces of hair that don’t want to curl. I like to use this after getting my hair damp to scrunch with a cotton t-shirt. It works great and doesn’t leave the hair feeling crunchy.

I try to remember to put my satin cap on before bed every night. Helps protect your curls while you sleep and minimize frizz! You can also try using a satin pillowcase. Here’s where I bought mine:

Curl Journey – 5 Months of No Heat with PICS!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair straight. But let’s be honest, putting that much heat on your hair on an almost everyday basis is super unhealthy for your hair. I think every now and then is ok, but when you’re in the process of getting your curls back like I am, no heat at all is best. It’s like relapsing!

2017 – Bleached hair, extreme damage and major need of a cut 😩

2018 – I think this is the worst shape my hair has been in in awhile. Heat damage, dry, brittle hair, needed a chop!

Back to natural hair color. After my cut and first use of Olaplex.

Barely 1 month in to my no heat journey.

2019 – 2 months in on my No Heat Journey. Also changing up my products, using my satin cap at night.

My hair today! Still got more work to do, but the journey is worth the work and the wait! You got this!

Thanks for reading! Any questions or comments please drop them down below!


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