I Got My Makeup Done At Sephora!

Are you a makeup artist like me and feel intrigued by what another artist creates on your face? No? just me?? Or maybe you’ve been curious about what it’s like to get your makeup done in Sephora…let’s chat!

I’ve picked up a new hobby to having other artists do my makeup! Maybe I’m just getting old and lazy, who knows. Could also be that mom-life has cut some of my makeovers down by half. Eyeroll. But I seriously think seeing what another person decides to enhance and perfect on my everyday canvas is quite the experience.

Today I had the pleasure of getting a full face makeover for the “IT Girl” collaboration this month that I’m doing with Sephora at Keystone Fashion mall. The red-headed beauty miss Becca did an amazing job! With Sephora makeovers you must almost make a $50 purchase in the store. That’s a pretty good offer! Makeover + $50 worth of products = SIGN ME UP!

Another cool thing for me is just the pampering aspect of things, and also just picking up some insight on things she might like to do that I haven’t tried! It’s a great way to share tips and tricks and even just connect through beauty, I love it! Becca chose a lip shade that I normally wouldn’t go for, but I honestly ended up really liking it! Becca is super sweet, has the greatest laugh and her makeup skills are pretty exceptional. You can really tell she has a passion for what she does and I absolutely loved being able to pick that up so easily when meeting her! Such good vibes.

Something I didn’t know

Ok listen how cool this is–after your makeover, Sephora will send you what’s called their “Digital Makeover Guide” via email which will include photos and links to all the products used on your face. You’ll also get to see your before and after photos! I think that’s really cool that they do that for their customers because I’m sure that’s probably the number one question after they’re done, “So what all did you use on my face?” (In hopes that they go and purchase some of the products.) Check out my unedited before and after photos below. 🙂

Faves From the Makeover

I picked out a few of my favorites from the makeover and posted the links below to take your straight to Sephora’s website in case you guys want to check them out. Their liquid lipstick was surprisingly comfortable on the lips and pretty pigmented! Did I mention that we also did my entire makeover with all Sephora collection products? What’s even better about this is the prices are a little bit more affordable than the average high end brand, so high quality products + good prices = that’s what I like!

Click the Links Below to See My Favorite Products from the Makeover:

Liquid Lipstick

Brow Pencil



Final Thoughts:

Overall I personally think that Sephora at Keystone is a great place to visit for makeovers, facials, and help with all things beauty! Everyone in the store greets you with a smiling face and is happy to assist you with your questions. Something fun that I just recently received is their new Perf facials! You guys have to get in there and get one of those ASAP! With a $75 purchase you’re able to book one of these right inside their store. It is an Incredible facial that exfoliates & hydrates the skin with innovative, pore-purifying technology form the HydraFacial Company @perkskincare. Check out a recap of me getting my Perk facial on their Sephora’s Instagram page here.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂


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