A Parent’s Guide: Post-Appointment Dentist Visit

A Parent’s Guide: Post-Appointment – First Dental Visit

This blog post was created in collaboration with Pippin Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana. In it I’ll talk about my pre and post experiences with my son at their office. My opinions are genuine and honest so you can make the best decision about taking your child to the dentist for the first time.

What an experience it was bringing Axel to the dentist for the first time! We took Axel to Pippin Dental in Indianapolis, IN today and wow! Walking in I immediately felt relief when noticing the indoor play area for children. Not knowing what to expect, things can be a little nerve-wrecking. Of course you want things to go as smoothly as possible, but with a two year old, you must know that there’s never such a thing.

Waiting Area

Making sure Axel is completely relaxed and calm before even going back with the dentist was my main goal. I wanted him to become a little familiar with the office and look at where he was as a happy place. Our experience was nothing short of great at Pippin Dental and I’m really happy with the way everything went today. (Minus the crocodile tears :)) While waiting to be called back, Axel took matters into his own hands and got acquainted with the play area. Not only is there a slide and climbing areas for the kiddos but there were even little toddler-height monitors for hands on learning and games.

Waiting for the Dentist – Cleaning

Ok now the fun part. The part where your son’s name gets called and your heart skips a little because you’re afraid of what’s next. I was so surprised! The way Pippin focuses on kids and family make such a difference in your experience. The openness of the “offices” behind the waiting room to the way each section was labeled with the patient’s name on a whiteboard. Axel’s hygienist kindly gave him a coloring page and crayons to occupy him while he waited. Once she came back she instructed me on how to finish the appointment together with her, with ease. It was definitely a team effort! She had Axel straddle my waist and lay flat on his back onto her lap for the most comfortable method for cleaning his little teeth. She was patient and kind with him and also talked through what she was doing so we could follow along. We were made aware of best practices for brushing his teeth and how it’s ok to get all the way in–no tooth left behind!

The Dentist Has Arrived

At this point Axel was a bit flustered and more common than not, Dad and I were ready to run! (Had my chance earlier…jk.) Dr. A at Pippin took care of Axel like a breeze! Dustin and I were very relieved of the fact that he spoke softly to Axel while he was crying, and also made sure to really get in every little crevice of his teeth. We learned that milk right before bed is a no-no! I never thought about the fact that the sugar from the milk sits on their teeth throughout the night and that would only make things worse. Duh! Overall Axel’s appointment at Pippin went fairly quick, but efficiency was not amiss. Time is of the essence when you have kiddos and that’s always an important asset for me! On our way out, Axel also got to pick out a toy from their toy bucket. Those tears were gone instantly! Funny how that works. To me, Axel’s impression of the dentist has to be a good one in order for things to go well for next time. I definitely think Pippin accomplishes that with every patient visiting their office.

Key Offers From Pippin Dental:

  • Flexible weekend hours
  • Easy online booking
  • Appointments available as early as today
  • Discount plans and affordable payment plan options available
  • Bringing quality dental care to the community at affordable prices
  • Accepts Medicaid and most insurances
  • Kid-focused and family friendly
  • Pippin ensures parents and kids understand their care plan, have time to speak with dentists and walk away feeling empowered with helpful at-home care tips

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Call: 317-231-5088 or visit: https://bit.ly/2DvJqDd

Thanks for having us Pippin Dental! See you in 6 months 🙂


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