How I Potty Trained My Son in One Week

Hey guys! The best part about being a first time mom is you get to learn with your children as they grow. You’re going to make lots of “mistakes” and sometimes feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Welcome to motherhood ladies! We’re all going to have the “right” way or just our way of raising our little humans. This is the way I decided to potty train my son in a short period of time. I am not an expert so I’m solely sharing what worked for my son and I. Good luck to you all!

When I Decided Now’s The Time:

I’ve heard all the horror stories of potty training from my mom friends and online. I knew I’d have to start preparing as my time was coming very soon. My son is 22 months and was starting to show the “signs” of being ready for potty training. These signs are just things I read about on Pinterest, so thanks Pinterest for your help. Usually he’d wake up for the day with a dry diaper. If he had a wet diaper, he would be sure to let me know. I also noticed him following me into the bathroom and pointing at me saying that I was “potty-ing” when I’d sit down. So I thought, ok maybe he’s ready for this!

Honestly, I put it it off a little bit in the beginning because I was terrified from all the things I had heard. Lawwwwd help me. Parenting is scary ok!? I felt like it really wasn’t a huge deal that he still used diapers. Of course for my budget no, ideally I’d like to have him in undies. I just didn’t want to feel like he was growing up to be a big boy ok?! Even my mom kept mentioning that I should start, so what momma says goes and here we are today.

I did a lot of reading, asking my friends and pinning on Pinterest about how the heck to get started. One particular “method” stood out to me the most. I kept seeing the words “quick” and “easy” with that method so it was too good to pass up! I don’t have patience ok people? Basically the method is called a “bottomless” technique where let your child run around for the day butt naked, literally, from the waist down. Sounds scary I know, and yes, fit was at first…

The Beginning:

Not even going to lie the first couple of days sucked. At least for me, haha. I’m sure Axel loved every bit of it. If you’re a clean freak this may not be the best technique for you. (Mentally) lol

If you’re reading this and are rolling your eyes because you’re not a stay at home mom like myself and don’t have the time for this then no, this technique probably isn’t for you. I agree with you girl! Hell if I still worked full time I’d feel the same way. So with that being said, yes, you will need to give yourself (and your child) time. Dedicate an entire week of no plans, phone calls, mom dates, etc to strictly potty training your child. If you’re not a stay at home mom, use some of that vacation time girl! (if you have it) Trust me, it’s worth it.

We had accidents of course, yep…both. It was like having a new puppy in the house. I have hard wood floors on one side of my home but of course he still managed to migrate to the rug for his little loads of timber. #boymom


The first day was one big hot mess. I questioned myself on whether or not he was really ready. Whether I was ready. I thought, maybe I’m rushing him? Maybe he’s too young? Did I wait too long? He’s always in our living room so that’s where I put his potty seat for quick access. If you want a lesser chances of cleaning up messes, I highly recommend this. I was constantly asking him, “Do you need to go potty?” Of course it was always “No!” — I also read this is pretty common for first timers, they’re in denial.

Keep Asking Questions!

Every 20 minutes or so I asked him this question and even if he said no, I’d sit him on that chair. He didn’t want to just sit there so I’d hand him his iPad for a little entertainment to make it “fun” and to make him stay seated. I would check, still nothing, and let him sit a little longer. Your child will most likely not sit on the seat and pee the first time, so don’t be disappointed. The first time he peed in that potty was a HUGE celebration, and yes this is a requirement parents. Act like you just won the lottery; clap your hands, give them a big hug and say “Good job! You went potty!” Something like that. That’s what I did to show him that him peeing in that potty was the greatest thing ever! Because it is. Hallelujah.

Prize Bowl

This was a little something that I combined with the “bottomless” method to make his experience just that much more exciting. I used an old plastic Christmas themed bowl with a lid and filled it was suckers, bouncy balls, magnets and other little Target dollar section toys. I really think that adding this to the routine made things speed up a little bit and made the process smoother. After he made his first pee in the potty and we did our happy dance and whatnot, I’d tell him to “Pick a prize for potty-ing” and OMG did he love that. (Still does) Some parents use just snacks which I’m sure is absolutely fine too. It gives them something to look forward to! Make sure you make them feel extra special for being brand new big kids!

A Few Days In

It’s been a few days now, you’re maybe on Wednesday or Thursday and things are starting to look up. He’s still running around naked at this point, maybe even saying his own unique “Pee” word when he needs to go like “Potty” or “Wet” (in Axel’s case) and it’s such a relief! I forgot to mention earlier that at night time and during naps I still put a diaper on him for “just in case” moments and less laundry-doing. I’m still asking if he needs to potty quite often, maybe a little less each day but still everyday. Take your child pee as soon as they wake up, and right before they go to sleep. Also take them to the potty after they eat or drink for lunch and breakfast. I just tried making a routine based on our everyday lives and worked for him. Pick a routine that works for you guys!


This is the part where I think I messed up a little. Once he was to the point where he practically peed and pooped on the potty on his own, I was excited to try to put underwear on him. I took a trip to Walmart and bought a little 5 pack of cool Batman and Superman undies and rushed back to put them on him. Fail. I felt like I had completely confused him and went backwards on our progress! As soon as he had to go, he looked at me with such a lost expression and stood next to the toilet and stood there and full throttle peed.

In. The. Undies. 😞

I think the only thing I’d go back and change about how I did this would be to introduce the undies sooner. He’s doing ok with them now, but I’m still letting him run around commando most days. I’m putting undies on him more and more so he’s getting used to them, it’s just he has a hard time with pulling them down soon enough to make it to the toilet.

I’m so glad that I attempted and successfully “mastered” the potty training epidemic for my toddler. This technique is a little quirky and requires probably more of your undivided attention than normal, but the outcome is such a happy day. Less diapers I have to buy, and more money in my pocket! Less baby wipes too. I’m actually a little sad that he can go to the bathroom on his own now as I’m typing this…Where did my little baby go? I’ll update you guys on my next blog post when he’s driving! kidding, goodnight.

Whit x


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