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I’ve never had a Brazilian bikini wax, let alone any wax, except your occasional brow wax here and there at the nail shop. I’ve always heard great things about the results of a wax, however I’m a budget queen and would just usually razor it up if I needed a good trim. With every person comes different tolerances to different things, but today I’ll be talking about my experience with my FIRST ever Brazilian Bikini wax at Waxing the City.

Waxing the City were so kind to reach out to me about trying their services and of course I excitedly accepted! This is pretty embarrassing but considering I’m a “wax virgin” I didn’t have any idea about the “pre-preparation” process beforehand. Duh Whitley, Duh. (Click here for more on preparing for your first wax)

Most of my friends on Instagram answered that they’d had a wax at some point in their life. Many of them have had one and still regularly go! Where the heck have I been??

I still made the trip but unfortunately…didn’t have a bush for them to wax ok?!?!?! I know, I should’ve done my research and asked more questions, However, since I still made the visit, they went ahead and offered a complimentary nose wax! That was interesting…


Walking straight in, I felt a very warm and relaxing welcome from the ladies in the spa. Everything felt clean and had a nice modern, and upscale look with cute little decorations around their product shelves. Cora; trained esthetician and cerologist, greeted me after I finished filling out new customer paperwork. At Waxing the City they have their own unique names for their waxers and licensed estheticians, known as a “Cerologist”. Cora was my cerologist for the day and she was absolutely great at making me feel completely comfortable with my first experience for a wax. Cora made sure to thoroughly educate me about the process, pre and post care as well as answered any questions I had.

What to Expect

The first step to your wax is to undress from the waste down. You are provided with a light sheet to drape over your midsection for modesty. The cerologist will step out of the room for this. After undressing, you will lay flat on your back on a chair, and pumped up to waist-level height of your cerologist. They also give you a little cleansing wipe for a quick cleanup. From here your wax will begin, easy peezy! Take a deep breathe and don’t overthink it, it’s probably not going to be near as bad as you think.

Pain Level

On a pain scale from 1-10, I’d honestly give it about a 3. It’s more of an annoying sensation in my opinion than painful. The quick little “sting” after the strip is pulled lasts for like a millisecond. The specialized training that these workers receive really show in their work. The ease, comfort and overall experience was such a shock to me. There will be a few times where you will have to spread your leg out, sort of like a chicken wing to get those in between areas, but don’t let this scare you. When you’re a first timer like I was, the unexpectedness of it all is what’s really the worst part.

Cora, my cerologist for that day was amazing! I could honestly say that I didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable after laying in the chair for about a minute or so. We chatted up some good girl chat and listened to some music all why cleaning up my taco! 🙂 To keep the comfort of their clients in mind, the wax is done using short, smaller strips to pull off hair instead of one long strip, which creates more pain. Knowing that I was receiving the best possible method, made me sweat less nervous sweats, haha.

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Megan (spa manager) and I. She was the sweetest!

Nose Wax

The ease of the nose wax went so smoothly, it was as if I didn’t get anything done! I am being completely honest with you guys in saying that the nose wax did not hurt at all! Cora mentioned that I had really small nose hairs and this may be why I didn’t feel anything. She also talked about how the use of their special “hard wax” for the more sensitive areas also helps with any pain that may occur.

Hard Wax

This is the type of wax that Cora used for my nose. I’m a weirdo and actually like the feeling of the warmth in my nose from the wax. LOL! This particular wax was also a first for me so I was a little bit hesitant of course, not knowing what to expect is always a little intimidating.

Did you know?

  • Waxing the City uses a custom-formulated hard wax made for them exclusively by one of the world’s leading wax manufacturers in Spain. This special wax, combined with their Cerology waxing services, makes the entire waxing experience much more comfortable!
  • Founded in 2003, in the trendy LoDo neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, Waxing the City grew from a one-room studio, to a regional phenomenon. By 2010, Waxing the City added three studios in the greater Denver area and expanded to Dallas, Texas.
  • To bring Waxing the City to the world, the founders partnered with Anytime Fitness, LLC.
  • To ensure Waxing Standards of Excellence, every licensed esthetician at Waxing the City completes an extensive training course before they serve clients.
  • Small strips instead of larger strips are used at Waxing the City. They work on smaller sections for a more comfortable experience.

Men can get waxed too!

If you’re a man reading about my visit to Waxing the City, please know that men are welcome too! Surprised is an understatement. I know if I asked Dustin to go get a wax, he’d probably respond with “HELL NO!” LOL. However, after coming home and raving all about my nose wax, I may have him convinced! Lord knows he could use that one. haha. Ready for this one?…men can get a brazilian too! Yes you read that right! Cerologists have to complete specialized training in addition to their normal required training to perform these types of services. This is to make sure they take extra special care around a man’s sensitive area down below.

Soft Wax – More Traditional

Cora let me feel the difference between the two types of wax with a small section of hair on my arm. You can definitely tell a difference with the feeling of the hairs being removed. In my opinion, the hard wax is the way to go. It’s really great that they offer this option with keeping their customer’s comfort in mind.

Pre/Post-Waxing Care:

Click here for pre and post-waxing tips from Waxing the City experts:

In a nutshell, my first experience was great! I’m excited to go back next month to get all groomed up before the big Valentine’s Day 😉 😉 I’m kidding, I’m just doing it more for myself haha. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking the price for this stuff is outlandish, it’s not!

Sugar scrub used for exfoliating to manage ingrown hairs. Smells amazing and was recommended by my cerologist, Cora 😀

Don’t forget, all NEW customers receive 50% off any service. If you choose to treat yourself to a Brazillian Bikini (what I got) you will only be paying $30! Seriously a steal guys.

Check out all the other services Waxing the City has to offer by looking at their menu here:

Recommended for post-wax after 48 hours of Brazilian to prevent ingrown hairs. Bikini Brushes


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4 Week Post Brazilian Wax

Ok guys I’ve got a new must-have: Brazilian Waxes! I can’t get enough. The fact that I didn’t have to shave downtown for a whole month without any “scratchiness” from the hair growth or even just seeing hair coming back for so long is AMAZING. My cerologist explained that the more I frequently keep up with my waxes the more your see results. With time, the hairs that grow back should start to appear finer and less coarse. The hair also slows down in growth speed so even the stubbles aren’t existent (for me) until about 2 weeks in.

Waxing The City Perks

Make sure to stop in to Waxing the City before Valentine’s Day to take advantage of their 14% off all pink colored items on their Valentine’s Day shelf!

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Every client that re-books another appointment after their wax gets their name entered into a raffle for a chance to win this awesome gift basket!

Spend $50 in gift cards and receive $10 towards anything from Waxing the City!


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