5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Oh hey!

Ok so most if not all of these will either make me look like a huge weirdo or very interesting. Read at your own risk. But hey I’m an open book for you guys and this is what comes with it.

You’re probably here to read this and either A. Already know me pretty well, or B. You just came across my Instagram or something and you’d like to get to know me a little better! For everyone in category B, I. am. Sorry.

Ok let’s get to the goods…

I’m Psychic. (I think)

Wow where do I begin…Ok so all my life I have always felt like I had some sort of weird “ability” to feel things or predict them coming with my outlandish dreams and thoughts in this crazy brain of mine. A lot of this I think stems from my mother, who I also believe has similar traits, therefore they were passed on to me. I find it more often than not that I have very, very strange dreams that later somehow actually happen in real life then I’m freaking out! I’m like ok wait a minute, I totally saw this coming! Or am I crazy?? No, that can’t be it. 🙂 I have this way about feeling something happening before it happens. I like to think that I can feel energies from another person and almost see right through them. Not like superpower like see through their clothes type deal but I can look past their facades if you get what I’m saying. A lot of times I will be doing something and know that someone is going to ask me a particular question, or do a specific thing before they do it. The other day I told Dustin to text his mom about something and he had literally just hit “sent” on the text that he was sending to his mom without me even knowing it. I know, I know, you think I’m nuts. It’s ok lol. I get it. But you wanted to know!! I talk to dead people and stuff, so there’s that.

I Talk To Myself. (A lot)

I’m not even sure Dustin (my fiance) knows this and hopefully he doesn’t read this blog because I’d be a bit embarrassed. Anyways, so yeah. I talk to myself. Often. When you have a brain like I do that never shuts up and is constantly throwing you for a loop sometimes you just need to calm it down a little. Tell yourself that it’s ok if you didn’t get a chance to run that errand today, or let yourself know that next time you reach for another gummy worm you’re probably going to throw up because that’s #58 of the 60 you already ate. I like to take control of my feelings and thoughts and sometimes when I talk to myself (aloud and in my head) this helps me come back to the center. I am reevaluating what I’m doing and literally talking to myself about my actions! I know people usually say “as long as you don’t answer yourself back” you’re not crazy. Guess mama is a psycho!

Sleep Paralysis Freak.

If any of you have just recently finished binge watching “The House on the Haunted Hill” refer back to what Nell would experience when she’d fall asleep. This is basically what happens to me, and has happened to me since I was a child. Now of course her situation on the series is a bit over exaggerated and closer to just plain scary AF but mine is a little more mild. So in a nutshell, if you haven’t watched that show or are completely clueless as to what the hell I’m talking about, Sleep paralysis occurs when you’re in a borderline state between sleep and consciousness as you’re dozing off or waking up according to Dr. Kushida on https://www.health.com/sleep/what-is-sleep-paralysis It’s extremely weird and hard to explain, but for me personally, it’s a horrible experience and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. It’s very strange because sometimes it won’t happen to me for a very long time, then it comes back out of nowhere. I’m just going to say it’s safe to assume that maybe it comes from stress or a lack of sleep but what the heck was I stressing about at 7 years old?? A typical night of a sleep paralysis episode goes a little something like this:

I feel myself starting to get sleepy, so of course I get into bed. Doesn’t usually take me long to fall asleep (after about 5 minutes). I’m now asleep, I think…until my eyes suddenly open. I can see everything around me, but cannot move. I am completely paralyzed from the neck down and my heart will start to race as I begin to panic. I can’t ever seem to relax myself in these situations because yes, I do start to “create” noises and images that I THINK I’m seeing or hearing in my bedroom. A lot of the times when this happens I’m trying my absolute hardest to call out to Dustin to wake me up because I’m scared to death. A few times he’s even said that he has heard me calling for him but it was very gentle and he could barely hear it. Which is odd because I felt like I was screaming. I am literally fighting with my body to wake it up. Sometimes when this happens I feel like “something” is trying to pull out my soul or something lol. Like it’s trying to keep me in this state to where I’m completely weak and vulnerable and take over my body. You guys I’m a freak ok I warned you!

I was on the Bad Girls Club. Ok Almost.

Ok no more weird stuff I promise. Anyone ever watch the Bad Girls Club? Yep it’s exactly what you think it is if you haven’t heard of it before. Basically a reality tv show where a bunch of random, out of control and crazy women from all over the US are thrown into a big ass house together so they can beat eachother up and party nonstop. At one point in my life I THOUGHT I was this person. Back when I was 21, my life was completely different than it is now. I didn’t really care much about myself and would do anything to get my name out there. I felt like it was my gateway to “fame” if I got on the show. I applied to the show, went through multiple interviews, got a passport etc. I even threw a humongous party in my one bedroom apartment at the time just because I thought I was about to be on the show. LOL. That got shut down quick. So after all the steps and phone calls and yada yada, I got down to one final interview where they wanted to send me to LA if I got through. Well that’s where things ended and I never heard anything again! My picture was even on TV for the “rejects” that didn’t make it on the show. I felt cool for that even happening at the time so whatevs. So there’s one of my “what was I doing” moments from my younger days. You’re welcome.

I like to Rap.

It’s true. I like to put a little somethin’ somethin; together every now and then when I’m in the mood. No I’m not a rapper, I just like to randomly put together songs or my own version of a well known song from time to time. I like to rap to beats on the radio while I’m in my car to see how far I can get before it’s just a hot mess. Some of you reading this know a little about my “rap game” because you watched my Bodak Yellow Remix – Splitwhit Version on Youtube. Lot’s of fun creating that but I’m clearly not Cardi B. HAHA! I charge for bars so send me an email if you need some lines to spit. Not sure if I even just used the proper terms for what I just did there. Catch my new album on iTunes next Spring 2019 WE LIT! (Kidding) That’s all. 🙂


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