Hey Everyone!
Oh the fun part, writing something about myself…why are these always so hard? So just a little bit about me..
I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Indiana (even though my mom is from San Diego, I much would have rather been from there) Mom of one super cool little toddler, fiancé to a ginger, fur mom, food and makeup addict. I’m a huge jokester and love to laugh so if you don’t laugh at my jokes, we can’t be friends. Jk.
My passion for makeup actually started about 7 or 8 years ago while working as a “dynamic dancer” (go-go dancer) for a nightclub here in Indy. We had to look the part, and of course that meant putting on tons of makeup. I had no idea what I was doing, but I quickly found myself LOVING all the looks I was able to create on dance nights. Over time, I starting practicing more and more on close friends and family then eventually booked my first wedding party. I received my makeup certification in Makeup Artistry shortly after and ever since have worked with and met some amazing people; including celebrities, fashion models, singers, news television reporters and more. I have come such a long way and couldn’t be more thankful for all the face beating everyone has allowed me to do. You liked that one didn’t you.
Not only am I a makeup artist but I’m a videographer as well! I have always been intrigued with production and film since I was a child. As a young kid my weekends sometimes consisted of gathering some of the neighborhood kids and handing them scripts to act out for my latest “movie” I had written. I consider myself to having a unique style to shooting weddings and love to incorporate music any way I can. I’m all about showing the romance through the film and capturing a strong connection during the big day.
Ok one last thing, then we’re done here. Social media influencer. What is that even? Some would consider this title to be another “job” as it takes a lot of time, work and effort to influence those who follow you. I like to feel like I’m genuinely connected with my audience and that I am of some help with anything involving mom-life, beauty and budget lifestyles. That is why I created this site and added a blog section (finally) because I want to go a little more in depth with all the cool things I’m sharing with you on my social media. If you’re checking out my blog, you’re most likely to find something related to: beauty, mom-life, food, and just overall, the good stuff. If I think it’s worth sharing because I like it and think you will too, then make sure to check it out here and get more info!
In a nutshell, or whatever enclosed piece of food of your choice, I’m here to share things that make me happy, sad, confused, feel, laugh, etc. I want this to be a place to open up when others can’t. I want to show you guys things that are fun, worth reading, relatable, doable, convenient, and just plain good to know. I hope you enjoy the content that I bring to this page and I’m so happy to have you! Especially if you read all the way this far. 🙂
x Splitwhit

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